Remediation Earth: 50 Hottest Companies in Biofuels candidate profile

Article Source: Biofuels Digest

Business: The company's pyrolysis process is a proven commercial technology (over 15 years), and is enhanced using our patented real-time remote prognostic health monitoring ("PHM") system. The company's technology converts a wide variety of feedstocks into valuable energy products, including synthetic diesel, #2 fuel oil, transportation grade biofuels, electricity, carbon black and bio char, and H2 gas from pyro-liquids.

Model: Equipment sale, lease, build, own/operate ("BOO")

Past milestones:

1. Signed the exclusive license agreement for all of North America with our Japanese
technology partner
2. Secured our first long-term (20 year) material recovery facility ("MRF") contract in San
Bernardino, CA
3. Recently started lease on new 42,000 ft2 building for our new pyrolysis facility

Future milestones:

1. Have first commercially operating pyrolytic system that converts plastic and medical waste to
fuel, which meets SCAQMD's emission standards.
2. Complete the development of our Pyrolysis II anaerobic gasification system with integral
Fischer Tropsch section.
3. Integrate our chemical-free and CA-EPA registered wastewater technology and our new
power generation capabilities with our thermo-conversion technologies in a highly synergistic

Metrics: Targeting sub-$1.00 fuel cost using current Pro Forma.

Competitive Edge: Our pyrolysis process is proven commercial technology for over 15 years, and enhanced with ourĀ 
patented real-time remote prognostic health monitoring ("PHM") system. Our system emissions are well below EU and US limits.
We are commercial with "shovel-ready" projects.

Remediation Earth quotable quotes: "We have over 20 years experience using a modular systems' approach."

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