Daniel K. Moscaritolo
President, CEO, and Chairman

Daniel MoscaritoloDaniel K. Moscaritolo brings 23 years of senior level experience in technology and business management, engineering, and operations; marketing/sales experience from his 14 years at PTI Technologies Inc. (div. of ESCO Technologies), and 9 years of process operations experience with Praxair's (formerly Linde) large cryogenic air separation plants. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded a private company that went public in 2004. Over the last 17 years, Mr. Moscaritolo had overall responsibility for the sale, design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of projects worldwide that integrated custom engineered "intelligent" filtration technologies with advanced oxidation process ("AOP") water treatment, ion exchange and adsorption technologies for the oil, gas and refinery marketplace.

Letter from President Daniel K. Moscaritolo

We at Remediation Earth, Inc. ("REI") have adopted a corporate philosophy that assures our projects are designed, built and operated in harmony with the environment. We expect to generate above market returns from our development projects, while simultaneously providing the environmental stewardship necessary to ensure that our projects do not contribute to the further deterioration of our planet.

We have an exclusive North American license to engineer, manufacture, market, sell and sublicense commercially proven pyrolysis technologies. (1) Pyrolysis I thermally converts medical waste, non-recyclable mixed plastics sorted from municipal solid waste ("MSW"), and used tires directly into a high quality #2 fuel oil or synthetic diesel. The pyrolytic liquids produced by the Pyrolysis I process can be used directly as a heating fuel; in stand-by diesel generators; farm, construction and off-road vehicles; and as a mid-distillate feedstock for refineries. The excess syngas produced during the process can be used to generate electricity. (2) Pyrolysis II processes biomass, wood chips, agricultural waste, and algae directly into transportation grade biodiesel with no sulfur content, and a high cetane value.

The black carbon by-product left over from the pyrolytic process, commonly referred to as char, will provide an additional source of revenue depending on the feedstock processed. Pyrolysis I technologies will produce high-value carbon black while processing medical waste, mixed plastics (mostly polypropylene and polyethylene) from MSW, and used tires. This carbon black is used for pigmentation in inks and paints, and as a precursor for nano-particle production used in advanced fuel cells and batteries. Pyrolysis II technologies produce an "agrichar" that can be used both as an agricultural soil amendment and as a CO2 sequestrant. Using one of REI's optional thermal modules will upgrade this biochar into a high quality activated carbon suitable for water treatment applications.

The emissions or off-gases from our pyrolytic processes meet or exceed current EPA, European (EU) and Japanese standards. The current EPA mandate that governs the processing of hospital and medical waste states that "true"" pyrolysis systems are exempt from present incineration-related emission restrictions. Our pyrolysis technologies meet the "EPA" definition of "true" pyrolysis as there is no visible flame anywhere within our closed-loop pyrolysis process.

I invite you to visit our website www.RemediationEarth.com where you will find additional advanced technologies that Remediation Earth, Inc. is implementing, including Intelligent Filtration Systems ("IFS"), water treatment, diesel emissions, and waste oil recovery. I look forward to discussing our Company with you in greater detail.

Daniel K. Moscaritolo
CEO and President
Remediation Earth, Inc.

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