"Energy Independence Through Technology."

Corporate Mission

Rapid global population growth and society's subsequent insatiable appetite for energy, food, and clean water are rapidly depleting our limited natural resources. This unsustainable use of the earth's resources is degrading regional ecosystems and contributing to climate change, triggering a "call to action" by many jurisdictions to remediate and conserve. Increasing market focus on "green" and recycling technologies has created an opportunity for an innovative project developer that can provide these necessities while protecting the environment.

Remediation Earth, Inc. was incorporated in Nevada in July, 2007 to engineer, manufacture, market, sell, lease, build-own and operate ("BO"), and form strategic alliances (such as JV's) with select companies for developing projects that employ or access technologies capable of remediating benign and hazardous waste, producing alternative fuels and electrical power, and purifying contaminated water for industrial re-use and potable water production.

Remediation Earth, Inc.'s corporate philosophy assures its projects are designed, built and operated in harmony with the environment. We believe the earth functions collectively as a quasi-living organism, and that a mutualistic relationship between society and the earth must be developed and improved to benefit both and harm neither. REI provides the environmental stewardship necessary to improve the present tenuous relationship between society and our planet.