REI's Ozonator: on-site bio-hazardous waste sterilization.
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Remediation Earth

We at Remediation Earth have adopted a corporate philosophy that assures our systems, technologies and projects are designed, built and operated in harmony with the environment, simultaneously providing the environmental stewardship necessary to ensure that our projects do not contribute to the further deterioration of our earth.

Reducing oil dependencyWe are dedicated to building development projects that use advanced thermal conversion technologies to turn benign and hazardous waste materials into alternative energy products. We have obtained an exclusive engineering, manufacturing, sales, and marketing license for pyrolysis and gasification technologies originally developed in Japan, that convert various wastes into electrical power, alternative fuels and valuable energy by-products.

Over the past 15 years these commercially proven technologies have been converting waste materials such as medical waste, tires, sorted non-recyclable plastics (sorted municipal solid waste; excluding PVC), certain sludges (from waste water treatment plants) and biomass into high quality fuel, electrical power and other energy by-products. By-products such as carbon black, agri-char and activated carbon provide additional revenue sources; and the emissions from our pyrolytic process meet or exceed current EPA, European (EU) and Japanese standards.


"Energy Independence Through Technology."